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Contact details for All Examination Sections, Activities

Coordination Section

For Examination center verification, Schedules ,Timetables, Paper setting related work etc.

Dy. Registrar [email protected]
Assitant Registrar 020-25601206
Faculty of ArtsĀ  020-25601218 arts-coord
Faculty of Mental moral and Social sciences 020-25601218 mentalmoral-coord
Faculty of Science 020-25601218 [email protected]
faculty of Law 020-25601218 [email protected]
Faculty of Engineering 020-25601218 engineering-coord
faculty of Commerce 020-25601218 [email protected]
Faculty of Education 020-25601218 [email protected]
Faculty of Management 020-25601218 [email protected]
Faculty of Pharmacy 020-25601218 [email protected]
Faculty of Phy. Eduaction 020-25601218 [email protected]

Strong Room Section

For question papers submission, requisition etc.

Asst. Registrar 020-25601205 [email protected]

Scrutiny and Tabulation Section

For Exam forms, Halltickets, namelists, CAP center related work, College summeries, Results, Name correction, Result correction

Deputy Registrar 020-25601204 [email protected]
Assistant Registrar 020-25601208/1210 [email protected]
 S & T Arts [email protected]
 S & T MentalĀ  Moral and Social science [email protected] 
S & T Science  [email protected]
S & T Law [email protected]
 S & T Medicine  [email protected]
 S & T Engineering [email protected]
S & T Ayurved  [email protected]
 S & T Commerce   [email protected]
S & T Education [email protected]
S & T Management [email protected]
S & T Pharmacy    [email protected]
S & T Homeopathy [email protected] 
S & T Physical Education [email protected]